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123-FamilyTree offers three PhpMyFamily genealogy hosting plans. The only difference between the three plans is available space, traffic (bandwidth), email accounts and MySQL databases. This popular online family tree program that comes pre-installed for you with your hosting plan. All your family members, wherever on the world they might live, can help you builing a family genealogy online. Of course, you can backup the database as well hard disk. Please see our DEMO. Note that you can grant various levels of public and semi-public viewing access, as well as various levels of editing access. Existing GEDCOM files (the most common genealogy file format) can be imported. On top of the genealogy program you can use your domain hosting account for whatever else you would like to: a business site, database hosting, email communication, whatever you would do with any other standard hosting plan. You could for example give out free email accounts to all your relatives, and/or create a phpBB message board or a Mailman mailing list for your family, a chat room, and much more. For more detailed program info see below.


PhpMyFamily SAMPLE
username & password: demo
    Hosting Control Panel
    (PhpMyFamily not functional on this CP demo)

PhpMyFamily is intended to allow geographically dispersed family members to maintain a central database of research which is readily accessable and editable. It allows family members to contribute as and when information becomes available without requiring them to send it to a central 'custodian.' At the same time, it allows the general public to view your tree (subject to the restrictions below) to see if they match.
Infomation regarding the identities of people born after 01/01/1910 are hidden from general browsing but are freely available to 'registered' users. As well as maintaining links for parents, siblings, spouses and children, there are free text capabilities for the recording of anecdotes, information etc, recording of census details, capability to upload images and document transcripts. Please note that html tags in the notes field WILL be rendered. PhpMyFamily is NOT intended to provide a 'all the worlds related' database with many users working on separate trees aka While there is no requirement for individuals in the database to be linked into a central structure, all users can see all records etc.

phpMyFamily PLAN 1

• 200 Megs disk space
• 3 Gig Data Transfer
• 5 Email accounts
• 5 MySQL databases
• upload GEDCOM
• Pedigree view
• complete extended overview
• one image/photo per individual

phpMyFamily PLAN 2

• 500 Megs disk space
• 10 Gig Data Transfer
• 50 Email accounts
• 5 MySQL databases
• upload GEDCOM necessary
• Pedigree view
• complete extended overview
• one image/photo per individual

phpMyFamily PLAN 3

• 1500 Megs disk space
• 20 Gig Data Transfer
• unlimited Email accounts
• unlimited MySQL databases
• upload GEDCOM necessary
• Pedigree view
• complete extended overview
• one image/photo per individual

ACCOUNT ALSO COMES WITH Online Control Panel, POP3 & Webmail, online Stats, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, FrontPage 2002/2003, Mailman Mailing lists, Email Support, etc.


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